Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Today is a day I will never forget. The anniversary of my wifes death and the reason for the name change to Williamson. (Thanks guys) On this day I found a good story about baseball and death. Its about people who died doing what they love most (Baseball) and this reminds me that my wife left us in much the same way... around the people who meant most to her, her Son and myself.

This is the Story

Enjoy your day and live life to the fullest or you may get killed playing or watching baseball...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations to Kahrtmen!

Congratulations to the El Paso Coyotes on their first world series appearance and their first world series win! Kahrtmen took over as commish in the second season and has been a huge part of why this world has been so good in rankings, and competitiveness! Great job commish, and there is no doubt that your team will be a powerhouse for seasons to come!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goat Fever (Mad Cow)

The league has caught Goat fever as the Choking Goats of Chicago continue their improbable run. Nicholas Saipe has been on fire in the playoffs, going 5-0 so far. He's two years removed from the serious injury he had and it looks like he's all the way back to Ace form. Alex Valenzuela & Damaso Sanchez have also pitched solidly in their starts, Valenzuela getting 2 wins in his 4 starts, and Sanchez keeping the Goats in it in his 3 starts with a 3.57 era. Tony Castro, C.J. Smart, & Humberto Cortes have crushed the ball for the Goats this postseason, totalling 14 hrs and 38 rbis so far.

Can the Goats keep up their improbable run? With pitching slalwarts Tacoma & El Paso waiting in the wings, the odds are against it. Its been an amazing run and with the young pitching the Goats might be around for awhile. Win or lose its been a great season in Chicago and the team will continue doing what its done all year. Taking it a game at a time while knowing that anything is possible. The Goats can compete with anyone as they have shown. Will they take the next step and become Champ? Don't count them out until the final batter.

Friday, February 27, 2009


1. Albuquerque Prickly Pears ()
Power Index: 129.5 Last week:
Comment: changes cities and name. Same results. When you have the top ranked hitting and good pitching you probably are going to be hard to beat. 3B Tom Easley is having a career resurgence after a down S8

2. Detroit Wolves ()
Power Index: 125.5 Last week: 111.125
Comment: Polar opposite of the Pears and having less spectacular results. Great pitching puts this team high up on the power ranking, but their lack of consistant hitting is keeping their record closer to .500. This team has sacrificed any form of offense for great fielders. Starting Victor Colon, Miguel Fernandez, and Rob McGlinchy all at the same time means 1/3 of your order is essentially an out. add in potential NL rules match up and Holy 1-0 games, Batman! In addition I don't believe it's save for McGinchy's seeing eye dog to be allowed on the field when he bats, Kirby PucketT retired when he started to go blind.

3. Pawtucket Maroons ()
Power Index: 114.75 Last week:
Comments: Solid Pitching and good baserunning put them in position to win their division for the 1st time. 3 men with over 20 stolen bases is nice, what would be nicer is if 2 of those guys hit over .235. LF Jose Blanco is batting almost 60 points under his career average.

4. Cleveland Kamikaze Bombers ()
Power Index: 111.625 Last week:

Comment: Streaky team as always, This team should be the odds on favorite to take the AL east. Currently in 2nd behind the Maroons, they need to make their move and get some distance between them and their division. Behind the Pears this is the most balanced

5. Salem Squeavers ()
Power Index: 108.125 Last week:
Comment: Consistant grider team, They some how manage to win the close ones and get the lucky bounces. Salem's top pitcher in wins is a rule 5 reliever Daryl McCartney. They need 1 more solid starter or one more bat to really be considered a threat in the Playoffs.

6. Wichita Primetimers ()
Power Index: 99.125 Last week:
Comment: Their aggressivness on the basepaths and wreckless running will lead to their downfall. They have the pitching and hitting to make the playoffs, but they make a lot of fundamental mistakes in the field on the basepaths and at the plate. their reletive high ages says its now or never.

7. Buffalo Buffeds ()
Power Index: 96.625 Last week:

Comment: Solid fielding team with good baserunning and homerun power, but they struggle at the plate leading the Al in worst OBP. They need to find more consistancy in the pitching Pedro Nunez has a 6+ era.

8. Colorado Cream ()
Power Index: 95.5 Last week:

Comment: Like any Colorado team they are the top hitting team in the AL and the worst pitching team. a TEam ERA in excess of 6.35 is hard to fathom, but a reality here. Armando Diaz and Butch Kennedy are clearly overmatched in starting roles. Team will fade fast if pitching is not tinkered with.

9. Austin Stinky Peas ()
Power Index: 94.125 Last week:
Comment: hitting has been consistant and they have been among the league leaders, but pitching has been a nightmare. 2 Starts flirting with 6+ ERAs a bullpen which has blown more games than they have saved. Seth Hutton Alex Rincon and Pat Vanguri are cmpletely underperforming.

10. Chicago Choking Goats ()
Power Index: 86.625 Last week:

Comment: Tony Castro has added the offense the team needed and Nicholas Saipe has continued to be the anchor to the Pitching. This team is a complete enigma that continues to look for answers. I like them to sneak into the playoffs and make some noise. The Goats have the best foundation to build with.

11. Jackson Crawdaddies()
Power Index: 83.125 Last week:
Comment: The Crawdaddies hit and pitch well enough to take the AL South, but I don't think they will. Their Field has been horrible with 51 erros at the shortstop position alone. They need to corrct this is they want a playoff spot.

12. Baltimore Big Sticks ()
Power Index: 74.75 Last week:
Comment: SP Alex Lopez is following up a disasterous rookie campaign with an even more disasterous sophmore campaign. Might be time to pull him from the rotation. S8 stat 4-17 6.2 7 S9 1-3 8.53ERA. That about summs up Baltimore's issues.

13. New York Comics ()
Power Index: 73 Last week:
Comment: I don't care how many 1 run dingers you hit, you aren't going to win consistantly with that philosophy. need baserunners badly in front of their power bats. Ralph Randall has 34 homers and only 77 RBI to lead the team.

14. Trenton Thunder ()
Power Index: 69.75 Last week:
Comment: Traded away many of their better hitters for younger guys, this team is not concerned with the Now but looking for the tomorrow.

15. Tucson Titans ()
Power Index: 69.5 Last week:
Comment: When the bright spot of your bullpen is Nolan Fleming you know you have pitching troubles. RP Louie Rodriguez and Chili Nakano look completely overmatched in the bullpen this season.

16. Memphis Misfits ()
Power Index: 33.25 Last week:
Comment: Offensively this team has tuned out, and is on target for their 8th losing season out of 9.