Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations to Kahrtmen!

Congratulations to the El Paso Coyotes on their first world series appearance and their first world series win! Kahrtmen took over as commish in the second season and has been a huge part of why this world has been so good in rankings, and competitiveness! Great job commish, and there is no doubt that your team will be a powerhouse for seasons to come!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goat Fever (Mad Cow)

The league has caught Goat fever as the Choking Goats of Chicago continue their improbable run. Nicholas Saipe has been on fire in the playoffs, going 5-0 so far. He's two years removed from the serious injury he had and it looks like he's all the way back to Ace form. Alex Valenzuela & Damaso Sanchez have also pitched solidly in their starts, Valenzuela getting 2 wins in his 4 starts, and Sanchez keeping the Goats in it in his 3 starts with a 3.57 era. Tony Castro, C.J. Smart, & Humberto Cortes have crushed the ball for the Goats this postseason, totalling 14 hrs and 38 rbis so far.

Can the Goats keep up their improbable run? With pitching slalwarts Tacoma & El Paso waiting in the wings, the odds are against it. Its been an amazing run and with the young pitching the Goats might be around for awhile. Win or lose its been a great season in Chicago and the team will continue doing what its done all year. Taking it a game at a time while knowing that anything is possible. The Goats can compete with anyone as they have shown. Will they take the next step and become Champ? Don't count them out until the final batter.