Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When animals attack...

The 'Goats smell blood in the AL for a wild card spot and made a move when the Silencers decided to rebuild.

Enrique Diaz becomes the Ace and with his 20m contract he'll be around awhile. Talent like this isn't free and doesn't float around often in this league. 'Goats management basically said "pick three" and didn't put up too much of a fight in negotiations.

Lariel Sosa, Andrew Rivers, Prince Knight leave the 'Goats for greener pastures in moving to Syracuse. Syracuse always seems to be in the hunt and these three should ensure they remain a menace for years to come.

The 'Goats are elated to bring Diaz into the fold and hope he can help them shock the world and snag a wild card spot. Time will tell. Until then the city of Chicago jumps for joy.


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