Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knucklebones Radio Hi HBD'ers. I've found myself a new hobby and I do mean new. I've always been a big fan of talk radio and now with the internet I have a chance to give it a try. Im going to do a test run to get the nerves out and decide wether or not I will stick to fake baseball only or random subjects.My group on Facebook is Knucklebones Radio - Please join up if you do facebook. I will also be putting more effort into my personal blog This is for bored people and complete HBD fanatics.
Its also a good site for 9/11 truth/New World Order/Tea Party talk. All welcome with your opinions. I suggest freedomizer and nformd radio on blogtalkradio for those topics. You can also freind those groups on facebook if you have interest in that. As is well documented in these leagues, Im pretty nuts. I'm not going to deny it, but maybe I can thrive in it. If nothing else my talk shows should be entertaining once I get started. You can call into any of the shows with Skype or your own phone. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of your life reading this if you did.

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knucklebones said...

Finished up my first show. Sounded like Larry king with a sinus infection. Forgot to sign in to skype and missed my 1 caller lol. Tommorow morning should be a marked improvement. Still doing late night because im still a hack.