Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AL POWER RANKING 33 games in

Haven't seen an update in awhile and I had sometime, so I thought I would compile our first Power Rankings of Season 7. I have done Power Rankings for the past several seasons in Ryan. I can be controversial!

1. Scottsdale Minotaurs
Comment: Most lethal combination of Hitting and Pitching near the top in almost all categories

2. Salem Warlocks
Comment: 3rd best record in the AL lead by Diego Balboa's ridicules .392 Batting average

3. Detroit Wolves
Comment: SP Larry Davis has a 1.68 ERA. Tough start for an elite team they are much better than their record indicates

4. Little Rock Primetimers
Worst fielding team in the AL makes up the difference with SO and solid hitting

5. Austin Stinky Peas
Rule 5 Pick and Long Reliever Luis Julio leads the AL in wins with 6. That stat does not bode well for the Peas.

6. Florida Swamp Grass
Comment: Could be higher but struggles at the plate have kept Florida out of the top 5.

7. Fargo Fire Crackers
Comment: Overall the best fielding and running team in the AL, but struggling to score those men

8. Charlotte Silverbacks
Comment: Now I'm not saying Wayne Paulson should play SS, but 15 "-" Plays and 5 errors is a bit telling would you say?

9. Tucson Boilermaker Express
Comment: DH B.C. Villa has put together a fine season leading the league in walks while batting .315 with 9 HR

10. Baltimore Big Sticks
Comment: 4th best record in the league and they get no respect. The team has done nothing to impress me besides their current record. Maybe next week.

11. Hartford Whalers
Comment: CF Darrin Jackson is tied for the league lead with 3 + plays

12. Atlanta Elite Senators III
Comment: Where's the Beef? Teams hitting and pitching have both struggled at times

13. Boston Red Sox
Comment: SS Walker Corey is batting .235 and leading the league in error, Hello Edgar Renteria!

14. Vancouver Vikings
Ratingwise the Vikings are the 3rd best team on paper, it's a shame they can't just show someone that paper and collect a win.

15. Madison Ham Fighters
Comment: Aaron Houston leads the AL in saves and is 2nd in losses, not the best combination

16. New York Comics
Comment: on the Positive Fred Hill is on a pace for 88 dingers this season

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