Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NL Power Rankings 33 games in

1. Syracuse silencers
Comment: Not only leads the NL in Wins but they have one of the most potent Offenses and Pitching in the League.

2. Tacoma Engineers
Comment: Pitching is the name of the game in any other division they are champs, Here they fight

3. El Paso Coyotes
Fleet footed team who is solid, but not dominating in almost ever area.

4. Houston Effin Yam Bags
Comment: CL Donaldo Cortes's efforts 10/11 in saves is one of the reasons this team ranks so high

5. Huntington KYCATS01
Comment: once they get their bats going this team might be tough to beat

6. Richmond River Pirates
SS Tony Espinoza leads the league in errors with 16.

7. Tampa Bay Red Tide
Comment: They have proven they can hit, but the pitching is no where to be seen

8. Seattle Dragonflys
Comment: Quinn Johnson leads the league in stolen bases and helps propel this teams mediocre offense

9. Helena Cow Pies
SP Lorenzo Estrada is one reason this team has been able to win what they have. Now the hitting needs to wake up.

10. New York Amazins
Best team in New York, but thats not saying much right now

11. Washington D.C. Clones
Comment: middle of the pack in everything else so why not the power rankings

12. Los Angeles Dodgers
Comment: fielding is above average and they have shown both speed and power, but also have the worst Batting Average in the league.

13. Charleston Pee Wees
Comment: Top 3 batters in SO does not sound so good.

14. Las Vegas Aces
Comment: Fielding what fielding?

15. Santa Cruz Jacks
Comment: near the bottom in HRs and stolen bases, and the pitching is only slightly brighter

16. Rochester Fuzzy Dishes
Comment: Bottom of the barrell in almost every statistic, they need help to compete, some AAA teams might destroy Rochester

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