Friday, May 2, 2008

10 questions with Iceman67

Today in the NL we are interviewing iceman67 owner of the Richmond River Pirates. He has also been with us from season 1.

1.How did you get into whatifsports?

1. I've been a member of WiS since 2002...I was looking for a different kind of fantasy baseball to play besides Yahoo and I came across WiS..been hooked ever since (much to the dismay of the wife)

2.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Keep in mind that every manager will be asked this. Things like Age, Work, location, family things, hobbies/interests, personality quirks.

2. I'm 40 years old, married and living in Carrollton, TX, which is about 20 miles north of Dallas. I was born in Minnesota and moved to Texas when I was about 10. WiS keeps me occupied most of the time considering I have 4 HBD, 2 HD, 2 GD and 2 sim league progressive baseball teams (that's probably nothing to some, but enough for me). When I'm not tweaking my teams, I'm playing softball, playing "Guitar Hero" with my nephew or watching/going to the movies with my wife.

3.In your opinion, what minor league player, in your franchise, has the most potential to be a ML star and why?

3. I think I have done a fairly decent job in stocking my minor league system, so there is not just one player that stands out. There are for sure 3 players that have ML star potential - 1B Joe Bell and pitchers Giomar Chavez and Edgardo Bonilla..all three will be on my big league roster sooner than later.

4.Would you change anything about your budget this season?

4. Probably my scouting department could use more funds; kind of defeats the purpose of having a large prospect budget if the scouts don't have the money to give true enough scouting reports.

5.How did you come up with your team name?

5. Believe it or not, I actually did some research on the city of Richmond. Since its nickname is "The River City" and I'm a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I put the two together and the River Pirates were born.

6.In real life, what teams/sports do you like? Also did you play sports as a kid and what was that like?

6. Growing up I played baseball and soccer, dabbled in some hockey (kinda seemed the thing to do living in Minnesota). I also ran track and cross country when I got to high school. Now its softball a couple of nights a week. Even though I now live in Texas, I am still a huge fan of the Twins and Vikings...cannot stand the Cowboys whatsoever (and that's a big no-no living in the area). Love the Mavericks and the Stars as well.

7.Who is your team MVP thus far in the ML’s

7. Right now I'd have to say Einar Almonte. He is leading the team in hitting (.327) and RBIs (46)...not bad for a rookie!

8. You have made only one playoff appearance. What do you think is the reason behind this?

8. I can't really explain why I have had one playoff appearance in 5 seasons. The team has averaged 86 wins over that time, but I think they tend to slump at the wrong time and by the time they snap out of it, it is too late. Of course, the way the team has stumbled out of the gate this season, I'll still be stuck at one.

9. You have promoted 4 players from the minors this season. Which player do you think will have the most positive impact on your big league club?

9. Actually I have promoted 3 players to the big leagues, Almonte, 1B Khoury Hewson and RF Benji Delgado. Hewson & Almonte are playing up to expectations; Delgado has been a disappointment so far. Right now I would have to say that Almonte will have the most impact on the team.

10. Are you happy with the two trades you made this season?

10. I am happy with the trades I have made...I'm usually not very active on the trade front, but I had Almonte waiting in the wings at AAA with long time favorite Hector Becker standing in his way at the hot only made sense to shop Becker and call up far so good!

Thanks for 6 great seasons! I hope you make a run for it soon! Your team looks a lot better than it is performing!!!

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