Friday, May 23, 2008

Power Rankings through 136 Games

Here are the Jaha Power Rankings through 136 games:

1. Chicago Cubs (94-42) - The best record in the World by nine games. A 22-11 record in one-run games shows that they have had their share of luck, but even a .500 record in 1-run games would have them at 88 wins.
2. Colorado Lumber Company (85-51) - With the best record in the AL, they look primed to make another run to the World Series. They have managed to avoid most of the Coors Field perils and seem to be enjoying the perks.
3. Syracuse Silencers (85-51) - Nine games back in their division but owners of the top run differential in Jaha. Leads the NL in both runs scored and allowed.
4. New York Comics (80-56) - An excellent offense, led by 25-year old Ralph Randall, has propelled the Comics to the top of the AL East. They will have their work cut out for them holding off the next team in our rankings.
5. Florida Swamp Grass (78-58) - The top pitching staff in Jaha is led by Norberto Saenz (17-9). With a 22-10 record in 1-run games, their luck will need to hold for a few more weeks to retake the AL East lead.
6. El Paso Coyotes (76-60) - A well-rounded team with above average pitching and hitting. An NL-leading 157 GIDPs helps explain why the large difference between their actual (.559) and expected (.605) winning percentage.
7. Helena Cow Pies (79-57) - A balanced offense with no lineup holes has the Cow Pies in position to return to the postseason for the first time since Season 3. Mo Yarnall (15-4) has stood out on an otherwise average pitching staff.
8. New York Amazins (77-59) - Currently trailing in the wild card race by two games, the Amazins sport one of the best run differentials in Jaha. Dave O'Brien and Brady Hackman have already combined for 90 HR and 264 RBI.

Honorable Menntion:

The Santa Cruz Jacks (69-67) and Las Vegas Aces (68-68) are battling it out for the NL West, with the loser likely missing out on the playoffs. Similarly, the Charlotte Pea Pods (71-65) and Austin Stinky Peas (71-65) are deadlocked in a tight division race. The loser will likely watch the playoffs from home. The Detroit Wolves (73-63) have a 4 game lead in the AL North, but are fortunate to have that record after being outscored on the season.

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