Friday, May 2, 2008

1o Questions with Wafrost

Hello back with 10 questions. This time up from the Al we are interviewing Wafrost, owner of the Philadeplphia Hams He has been with JAHA since season 1.

1.How did you get into whatifsports?

1) I don't remember. I think I read about it from a Sports Guy column on Started out doing SimLeague baseball, which I've totally lost interest in since I tried HBD.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Keep in mind that every manager will be asked this. Things like Age, Work, location, family things, hobbies/interests, personality quirks.

2) I'm 32 years old, live in San Jose, CA with my wife and daughter. I grew up in Minnesota (go Twins), but moved out to CA for grad school 8 years ago. I am currently working for Lockheed Martin building a weather satellite for NOAA/NASA, to be launched next year.

3.In your opinion, what minor league player, in your franchise, has the most potential to be a ML star and why?

3) Well my first season number 1 draft pick just made the majors last year and my number 1 pick from season 2 just got promoted this year. Other than that, I have high hopes for my season 4 first rounder, Harry Acevedo. He is an incredible hitter, but is a slug in the field (good thing I am in the AL). My DH of the future.

4.Would you change anything about your budget this season?

4) Yeah, I'm a little cash strapped this season. I dropped my player payroll from previous seasons and upped my scouting/prospect budget. I had some players with team options that I bought out and some high priced sucky free agents that left, but it looks like i may not have enough budget left to make it through the season. I only have like $100k free for promotions/signing draft picks/etc. Looks like I may need to make a trade with someone who can take on salary... or there is always the dreaded budget transfer.

5.How did you come up with your team name?

5) Well I picked Philadelphia for its park (Citizens bank). The nickname I borrowed from a Japanese baseball team (Nippon Ham Fighters?). I've always thought the Ham Fighters was the most ridiculous name in professional sports.

6.In real life, what teams/sports do you like? Also did you play sports as a kid and what was that like?

6) I'm a Minnesota fan (Twins/Vikings/Timberwolves). (The Wild, not so much, they didn't exist yet when I left MN.) Times are tough right now, losing Garnett and Santana, but at least I have Adrian Peterson to look forward to in the fall. I didn't play much sports as a kid, I do DH for a Beer-league softball team now though.

7.Who is your team MVP thus far in the ML’s

7) My hitting for the most part has been awful so far, luckily my pitchers are keeping me in games. No one really stands out though. Stevie Rollins is my ace, but he is so consistent that he's boring (think Tim Duncan). Doug Vosberg has been my only consistently good hitter this year, but Clarence Barrett has started to come out of his slump and I will be looking for him to finish the year strong.

8. The first two seasons you won your Division, but in all past three seasons you have come in second, not making the playoffs since the second season. When can we expect another playoff appearance from you?

8) I would love to make the playoffs again. If only the teams in my division would suck more. I can't explain it. Every year I think I am putting together a winner, but they can't seem to win games. I did some house-cleaning in the off season, so this was going to be a semi-rebuilding year, but we'll see how it goes.

9. You have made two trades this season. Both seem to have worked out good for you. Last year you made no trades. Do you think your lack of trades last season had a negative impact on your franchise?

9) I like the guys I've picked up in trades this year. I took on a bunch of salary to get Barrett, and that is the cause of my financial woes, but he looks like he's going to be worth it. I swapped some Rule 5 pick-ups, and they have been pitching way over their heads.... In the past, I have been less active than most making trades, and that has probably hurt me. The problem is I don't think I have a terribly deep minor league system, so I need to hang on to the few prospects I have. It makes it tough to trade for talent, if you don't have any to give up.

10. Out of the six free agent signings you made this year, which player do you think has worked out the best, thus far?

10) Alan Dunham and Enrique Sosa were my two high priced FAs signees. Neither has worked out incredibly well for me. There's always next year....

Thanks Wafrost for your time! Best of luck the rest of the way. I guess not too good of luck since you are in my division!

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