Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Highest Paid Players in season 6

I thought an article should be done to show the top paid players in our league. I will break it down into the top 15 pitchers and top 15 position players.

The top Paid 15 Position Players For this season Are...

Team name and salary in the millions...Forgive the way it all squished together...i had more things, like age and position but you can imagine how awful that looked! Back to Blogging school i go!

1. Pablo Mercedes Syracuse 14.125
2. Javier Baez Syracuse 11.7
3. Brian Rodgers Fargo 10
4. William Hunter Austin 9.9
5. Harry Montero Chi Cubs 9.281
6. Darren Brohawn Helena 9.250
7. Fred Hill NY Com 9.1
8. Oswaldo Park Little Rock 9
9. Dave O'Brien NY Ama 9
10. Peter Fox Richmond 9
11. Tommie Allen Vancouver 9
12. Albert Bennett Little Rock 8.950
13. Howie Watson Detroit 8.815
14. Norm Christman Philadelphia 8.6
15. Roy Nelson Detroit 8.6

The total of all these players salaries is about 144.321 million, the average player on this list makes 9.62 million and is about 29.5 years old. Are all of these players deserving? I will leave that for you to decide!

It should be noted that, for position, I used the position that the owner has listed, so it may be incorrect at times.

Also, No Players who have their primary position listed as C or DH made this list. The Highest Three paid Catchers for this season were 25 yr old Ralph Randal of the NY Comics, who makes 6.875 mil, 32 yr old D'Angelo Pescado who plays for Santa Cruz and makes 6.190 mil, and 32 yr old Josh Beltre who plays for Tamba Bay and will make 6 million this season

The highest three paid players listed at DH were 34 yr old Eddie Norton from San Jose who is making 7.760 mil, 28 yr old Nicholas Maduro from Detroit who is making 7 mil, and 32 yr old B.C. Villa from Oakland who is making 5.7 mil.

Highest Paid Pitchers to Come Shortly...

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