Friday, April 11, 2008

Power Rankings

Here are the Jaha Power Rankings through 26 games:

1. Florida Swamp Grass (19-7) - An outstanding start fueled by phenomenal pitching. The team ERA of 3.13 is the lowest in the AL by over a run.
2. Chicago Cubs (19-7) - A balanced team with solid pitching and hitting. Perennial MVP candidate Harry Montero has 25 RBI through the first 26 games.
3. Santa Cruz Jacks (18-8) - Quick start includes a recent three game sweep of El Paso. A revamped rotation has lopped nearly 2 runs off of last season's ERA.
4. New York Amazins (18-8) - Excellent hitting has more than made of for inconsistent pitching. Veteran Dave O'Brien is flat out raking, with a 1.329 OPS and 15 HR in 26 games.
5. Detroit Wolves (19-7) - The top record in the AL is helped by a 7-1 record in 1-run games. A mediocre 14 run differential indicates regression might be approaching. Still, 19 wins is 19 wins.
6. El Paso Coyotes (16-10) - The top run differential in the NL so far, but this team has struggled in series against the Cubs and Jacks.
7. Colorado Lumber Company (16-10) - The defending World Series Champions are scoring runs by the bushel, as usual. They will need to improve run prevnetion to make another run for the title.
8. Charlotte Pea Pods (16-10) - The top scoring team in Jaha has been led by rookie Chris Rivers, who has a blistering 1.293 OPS in his first 26 ML games.

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Tiskingmoon said...

Sweet! You are right! the wolves will go down if they dont start scoring more runs....