Friday, April 11, 2008

The Original 10

The Jaha League is now in its sixth season. We are fortunate to have 10 original owners

From the AL West we have the
San Jose Squeables . They won the world series in the first season, and with 3 of the 5 world series champs coming from this division, it is for sure, one of the most competitive in the league.

The Al South has one original owner, the Little Rock Primetimers. They have been the Division winners in 5 straight seasons. Pretty remarkable! Will this streak continue?

The Al East also has one original owner, the New York Comics , they have made the playoffs 3 seasons and look to be in the playoff hunt come the end of the season.

The Al North has two original owners, the Philadelphia Ham Fighters and the Detroit Wolves. The Philadelphia Ham Fighters have made it the playoffs twice, and have been competitive every season, and the Detroit Wolves have made it the playoffs four times, and won the world series once.

Now we move regretfully on to the NL. This Blogger has almost no respect for the NL but will try to withhold any bias from, this blog : ) As a side note, 4 out of the five World Series Winners from the Jaha league have been from the AL. Perhaps now the readers will understand this bloggers feelings in writing about the NL....

In the NL West There are no original owners. The owner that has been in this division the longest is the Los Angeles Dodgers who joined up in season 4.

In the NL South you can find two original owners. The Richmond River Pirates have made the playoffs one time, and have to be itching to get back in it! Our League Commish, owner of the El Paso Coyotes also resides here. They have made the playoffs the last three seasons. It should also be noted that this league has managed a low turn out rate the last few seasons, and a fast fill up rate, due in large part to this manager. Thank you Commish!

The NL East has three original mangers. The New York Amazins , Tampa Bay Red Tide and the Washington D.C. Clones. The New York Amazins made the playoffs the first two seasons and havent made the playoffs since. I think they are long over due for an appearance. The Tampa Bay Red Tide have made the playoffs all five seasons! It is only a matter of time before they win a world series. You never know this could be the year! The Washington D.C. Clones made the playoffs in the 4th season. With a huge free agent signing this year, its apparent they are shooting for another post season appearance.

The NL North has no original owners. The longest owner is of the Chicago Cubs and they joined this division in season three. However in season two this owner managed the Albuquerque Pilots in the NL West.

A big thanks to all the original owners!!! But Also to newer active owners. This league has made great strives in the past few seasons, and i think it will only get better in the seasons to come!

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