Friday, August 1, 2008

AL POWER RANKING 59 games in

1. Scottsdale Minotaurs (1)
Power Index: 162 Last week: 158
Comment: SP Eli Alfonseca is a perfect 8-0

2. Salem Warlocks (2)
Power Index: 121.875 Last week: 128.5
Comment: LRP Wes Zaun has fallen a part this season he has given up 19 hits in just over 8 innings

3. Florida Swamp Grass (6)
Power Index: 118.25 Last week: 101.0
Comment: SP Norberto Saenz a;ready has 5 complete games and teammate Emil Bennett has 4.

4. Detroit Wolves (3)
Power Index: 107.5 Last week: 119
Comment: Beyond SP Larry Davis, no SP is pitching up to their level.

5. Tucson Boilermaker Express (9)
Power Index: 101.875 Last week: 94.25
Comment: C Chance Leiter could be the easiest guy in the league to steal bases on. He throws out a league low 20%

6. Little Rock Primetimers (4)
Power Index: 100 Last week: 107.5

Comment: Finally took over the Lead in the AL South... Huge accomplishment there

7. Charlotte Silverbacks (8)
Power Index: 94.125 Last week: 99
Comment: SP Harry Marshall leads the AL in SO

8. Fargo Fire Crackers (7)
Power Index: 92.5 Last week: 100.75
Comment: With few exceptions the relief Pitching has played poor this season

9. Boston Red Sox (13)
Power Index: 88.25 Last week: 58.5
Comment: Top 2 Batting average players play here and have contributed to Boston's rise in the power ratings

10. Baltimore Big Sticks (10)
Power Index: 87.5 Last week: 88.75

Comment: 3B Brian Yamada is leading the league in SO. All for 14M a year

11. Vancouver Vikings (14)
Power Index: 84 Last week: 58.25

Comment: Large Jump in the power index shows the team is still competitve

12. Austin Stinky Peas (5)
Power Index: 68.625 Last week: 103.25

Comment: Free.....Freefalling

13. Atlanta Elite Senators III (12)
Power Index: 64.625 Last week: 62.25
Comment: team has 48 steals but has been caught stealing 24 times not great odds.

14. Madison Ham Fighters (15)
Power Index: 59.125 Last week: 56.25
Comment: RP R.A. Wilkins is the guy you want to see coming in to induce a big rally against Madison. he has allowed 15/24 inherrited runners score

15. Hartford Whalers (11)
Power Index: 56 Last week: 81
Comment: 2 of the top 5 Stolen Base guys reside here

16. New York Comics (16)
Power Index: 54.75 Last week: 45.75
Comment: batting a lowly .237 as a team

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