Thursday, August 28, 2008

NL Power Rankings 131 Games

1. Syracuse silencers (1)
Power Index: 157.5 Last Week: 159.5
Comment: Never left the #1 spot, Leads almost all hitting categories and near the top in all the pitching.

2. Tacoma Engineers (2)
Power Index: 136.75 Last Week: 140.25
Comment: Pitching is the name of the game in Tacoma, They are almost gaurenteed a Playoff Berth

3. Huntington KYCATS01 (7)
Power Index: 112.375 Last Week: 105.75
Comment: tied for their division they have only gotten better as the weeks continue. This will be a dog fight at the end of the season with Washington DC.

4. El Paso Coyotes (3)
Power Index: 112.0 Last Week: 114.125
Comment: Slipping a little, but have a comfortable lead for a playoff berth .

5. Tampa Bay Red Tide (9)
Power Index: 107.875 Last Week: 101.125
Comment: Index darling that is all hitting and middle of the road pitching if they get ht for a week they are in the playoffs.

6. Washington D.C. Clones (5)
Power Index: 106.375 Last Week: 108.0
Comment: Currently have a tedious hold on the last Wild Card spot. Needto cut the walks down to succeed.

7. New York Amazins (11)
Power Index: 105.375 Last Week: 78.5

Comment: I about wrote off the Amazins at the beginning of the season. Now they are in the heat of a playoff push. Fielding will need to play better to succeed.

8. Helena Cow Pies (4)
Power Index: 105.375 Last Week: 113.625
No chance in the division but very much competitive in the wild card. need to straighten out the pitching if they are to succeed.

9. Charleston Pee Wees (10)
Power Index: 93.25 Last Week: 87.625
Comment: only 5 games out of the wildcard. The Pee Wees are still very much a threat.

10. Las Vegas Aces (8)
Power Index: 90.625 Last Week: 104.125
Comment: up 9 games in their division should get them into the playoffs... the Question is does this team deserve to be there?

11. Seattle Dragonflys (6)
Power Index: 89.25 Last Week: 107.125
Comment: When the Summer ends the Dragonflys all die....looks like the same goes for the baseball team.

12. Houston Effin Yam Bags (13)
Power Index: 79.5 Last Week: 60.375

Comment: Middle of the road team in a slump (now going on 3 weeks).

13. Los Angeles Dodgers (14)
Power Index: 52.75
Last Week: 53.0
Comment: Speed is competitive but that is about all the Dodgers are offering this season

14. Richmond River Pirates(12)
Power Index: 52.0 Last Week: 62.375

Comment: Slide continues. Richmond is looking to next season.

15. Santa Cruz Jacks (15)
Power Index: 44.5 Last Week: 50.25
Comments: Worst hitting team in the NL hands down.

16. Rochester Fuzzy Dishes (16)
Power Index: 16.75 Last Week: 16.25
Comment: Dead last in everything, when will the season end...FIRE MILLEN>>>FIRE MILLEN...FIRE MILLEN.

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