Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Captain goes down with the ship

I just love all these sea references. Sometimes reality strikes and you realize you're just not going to win on certain days or seasons. The Whalers have come a long way and I take responsibility for not acting on the main need of the team. We need pitchers that keep the ball in the park here in our cozy stadium. My fleet offense was never the problem, it was the pitching and I am responsible for not getting the guys lined up this year. Some credit has to go to the tough division I play in. None of us are as bad as our records and we do have a WS winner still around here. I also got to give credit to the other managers in this league. This is quietly one of the best leagues in HBD and I hope to stay here as long as I play.

I will begin tanking as soon as I finish this post (haha) . Anyway its been an interesting season from a last place stand point. At least I know we can only improve next year. I hope that many of you will remain, because in spite of the quietness on the chat board, this is an excellent league. I hope to start posting more about anything to do with HBD and try to keep it in that context. I appreciate the rest of you putting up with me and my previous post. Its been a tough time and little things that people do, count in times like these. You baseballers really came through for me in private chats and different things that you said. It really helped and Im starting t0 get back to a little bit of normalcy. Thanks, carry on and good luck in the playoffs to those who will make it. I will of course still try to win, but i've run out of fingers to plug the holes. I also wanted to take that last post and tuck it away so you guys don't have to think about it. You all sort of mourned with me in all of my leagues really, and the time has come to move on. Since my team won't be in the playoffs, I intend to do playoff write ups or previews while I wait til next year!

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