Thursday, August 28, 2008

AL Power Rankings 131 games gone

Sorry about the delay. here is the latest ranking.

1. Scottsdale Minotaurs (1)
Power Index: 153.5 Last week: 156.5
Comment: going to take the index from week 1 to the end without much challenge

2. Detroit Wolves (3)
Power Index: 125.5 Last week: 111.125
Comment: Improves fielding and moves up. Probably not a coincidence

3. Little Rock Primetimers (5)
Power Index: 125.25 Last week: 110.750

Comment: Took Control of the AL South and has run away with it.

4. Salem Warlocks (6)
Power Index: 116.675 Last week: 110.375
Comment: 9-1 in the last week have propelled Salem up the index. Currently they hold a wild card spot. To maintain they will need to improve their slumping hitting

5. Florida Swamp Grass (2)
Power Index: 116.25 Last week: 118.75
Comment: Division is wrapped up. They can start resting starters and just coast into the playoffs.

6. Tucson Boilermaker Express (8)
Power Index: 105.5 Last week: 95.75

Comment: 3 games back in the WIld Card but the Index has them in the Playoffs. They have slipped some since last check. The key match up comes at season's end when Tucson takes on Vancouver. Winner should be in the Playoffs

7. Vancouver Vikings (7)
Power Index: 104.125 Last week: 102.625

Comment: Currently hold the last wildcard position. Pitching will be critical for them to hold it.

8. Charlotte Silverbacks (4)
Power Index: 103.5 Last week: 110.875
Comment: Team is suprising ranked high on the index each week, though their record never reflects their position. I still slate them in to make a run for the playoffs. If they can hold it together for 3 weeks.

9. Austin Stinky Peas (13)
Power Index: 95.25 Last week: 67.5

Comment: The Yo-Yo team. COuld be the streakiest team in the AL. They have been as high as 2nd and as low as 15 on the index. talk about frustration.

10. Boston Red Sox (10)
Power Index: 77.375 Last week: 75.75
Comment: Hitting and pitching have come around, but it is almost to late for a chance at a wildcard.

11. Fargo Fire Crackers (9)
Power Index: 76.375 Last week: 87.875
Comment: Still has an outside shot at a wildcard, but they would have to overcome their stale batting.

12. New York Comics (15)
Power Index: 69.25 Last week: 56.5
Comment: dead last in BA and OBP compromises their adequete pitching and power.

13. Atlanta Elite Senators III (12)
Power Index: 51.5 Last week: 71.875
Comment: Hot-Lanta No more

14. Hartford Whalers (16)
Power Index: 51.25 Last week: 51.25
Comment: Fishing for a new stategy and slowly clawling up the index up only as a resultof others just playing worse.

15. Madison Ham Fighters (14)
Power Index: 50.75 Last week: 59.25
Comment: Its long Gone!!!!!! near the top in HR production, but near the bottom with every pitching category

16. Baltimore Big Sticks (10)
Power Index: 40 Last week: 75.75
Comment: Have proceeded to drop down to the bottom really can only move up from here....right?

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