Friday, August 1, 2008

NL Power Rankings 59 games in

1. Syracuse silencers (1)
Power Index: 159.0 Last Week: 154.0
Comment: SP Dennis Venafro is 11/12 in quality starts this season

2. Tacoma Engineers (2)
Power Index: 136.25 Last Week: 132.5
Comment: Achilles Heel might be fielding 2nd worst in the NL.

3. El Paso Coyotes (3)
Power Index: 122.5 Last Week: 119.25
Comment: Team that makes few mistakes and uses their peices well, capable of beating any team in the league consistantly.

4. Seattle Dragonflys (8)
Power Index: 113.75 Last Week: 95.5
Comment: RP Gus Kobayashi is lights out in relief only 3/22 inherittedrunners have scored on him.

5. Las Vegas Aces (14)
Power Index: 107.25 Last Week: 68.0
Comment: Drew a Flush this week and climbed the standings and the Poll

6. Helena Cow Pies (9)
Power Index: 97.5 Last Week: 89.5
Comment: The 3 top hitters (Seaver, Dunn, Seenstra) take their swings for Helena.

7. Washington D.C. Clones (11)
Power Index: 96.75 Last Week: 72.0
Comment: sweep a big series against a domanant Tacoma Team. Team is HOT right now.

8. Tampa Bay Red Tide (7)
Power Index: 94.0 Last Week: 96.75

9. Huntington KYCATS01 (5)
Power Index: 91.0 Last Week: 109.0
Comment: LF Tony Nelson(.225 16 sb 6cs) struggles at the plate underscore the struggles of KYCATS01's offense.

10. Richmond River Pirates(6)
Power Index: 81.5 Last Week: 105.75

Comment: Swept La on the road just to watch them sweep them right back at home. This team is very inconsistant.

11. Charleston Pee Wees (13)
Power Index: 79.25 Last Week: 68.25
Comment: The rest of the team might be struggling, but CF Brian Campbell's getting it done at the plate. Batting .346 with 16 dingers

12. New York Amazins (10)
Power Index: 73.25 Last Week: 74.25

Comment: SS Trevor Shaw's Defense might not be covering for his lack of offense. He's batting .183 in just under 200 ab

13. Houston Effin Yam Bags (4)
Power Index: 69.75 Last Week: 113.25

Comment: Biggest tumble in the Nl can be contributed to inconsistency at the Plate and on the mound

14. Los Angeles Dodgers (12)
Power Index: 59.5 Last Week: 67.5

Comment: They are fast and can field but struggle mightily at the plate.

15. Santa Cruz Jacks (15)
Power Index: 53.75 Last Week: 54.0
Comments: Only able to beat Huntington consistantly. Tough times if this ship isn't righted

16. Rochester Fuzzy Dishes (16)
Power Index: 24.75 Last Week: 20.75
Comment: They have the #1 Pick in this years draft Why not next seasons

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