Friday, August 8, 2008

AL Power Rankings 77 games gone

1. Scottsdale Minotaurs (1)
Power Index: 156.5 Last week: 162
Comment: 2B Wes Atkins leads the ML in Batting Average with a .355 clip

2. Florida Swamp Grass (3)
Power Index: 118.75 Last week: 118.25
Comment: the Loss of 2B Aaron Caruso is going to slow this team down. Out 50 games Caruso's speed will be missed

3. Detroit Wolves (4)
Power Index: 111.125 Last week: 107.5
Comment: 3rd worst fielding percentage is holding this team from greatness.

4. Charlotte Silverbacks (7)
Power Index: 110.875 Last week: 94.125
Comment: SP Harry Marshall leads the Al in SO with 111

5. Little Rock Primetimers (6)
Power Index: 110.75 Last week: 100.0

Comment: At the Plate this team can hit with the big dogs, everywhere else they struggle more than they succeed.

6. Salem Warlocks (2)
Power Index: 110.375 Last week: 121.875
Comment: Most AL All-stars with 5.

7. Vancouver Vikings (11)
Power Index: 102.625 Last week: 84.0

Comment: Still climbing but only 10-9 in the past 2 weeks. Might start so slide in the power index.

8. Tucson Boilermaker Express (5)
Power Index: 95.75 Last week: 101.875
Comment: Pitching has been aweful this season, Talk about slugging out wins, look no farther than Tucson

9. Fargo Fire Crackers (8)
Power Index: 87.875 Last week: 92.5
Comment: Florida should be their only challenege before the All-star break. They should climb back up the index.

10. Boston Red Sox (9)
Power Index: 75.75 Last week: 88.25
Comment: 2-8 in their last 10 its make or break time they draw CHAR, Aus, and Det they need to come out with a winning record or they will fall hard this week.

10. Baltimore Big Sticks (10)
Power Index: 75.75 Last week: 87.5

Comment: Like a Post in the middle of the infield, Balls roll right by SS Wayne Paulson. So far he has amassed 26 "-" plays at short. More than the next 6 guys combined.

12. Atlanta Elite Senators III (13)
Power Index: 71.875 Last week: 64.625
Comment: Crawling up the Power index at a snails pace, I doubt slow and steady will win this race. Next week will be a challenge with Scottsdale, Fargo, Tucson, and Salem.

13. Austin Stinky Peas (12)
Power Index: 67.5 Last week: 68.625

Comment: 2 weeks ago they has the 2nd best record in the Al no they are 10 games under.

14. Madison Ham Fighters (14)
Power Index: 59.25 Last week: 59.125
Comment: Leads all the Al in homerun production but almost last in Sb and OBP. Meaning alot of 1 run shots and a lot of losses.

15. New York Comics (16)
Power Index: 56.5 Last week: 54.75
Comment: RP Robert Walcutt is a workhorse already pitching in 48 games with 74.2 innings under his belt.

16. Hartford Whalers (15)
Power Index: 51.75 Last week: 56
Comment: Leads the League in Stolen bases for the 2nd year in a row, but also has the 2nd lowed OBP in the AL. imagine if those guys would walk once in a while.

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