Friday, August 8, 2008

NL Power Rankings 78 Games

1. Syracuse silencers (1)
Power Index: 159.5 Last Week: 159.0
Comment: 7 all-stars on the NL team so far.Most in the NL.

2. Tacoma Engineers (2)
Power Index: 140.25 Last Week: 136.25
Comment: SP Kelly Mattingly is on pace for 28 wins

3. El Paso Coyotes (3)
Power Index: 114.125 Last Week: 122.5
Comment: El Paso is yet to steal a base this season.

4. Helena Cow Pies (6)
Power Index: 113.625 Last Week: 97.5
1B Sparky Seaver is batting .391 will 21 Hr to lead the league

5. Washington D.C. Clones (7)
Power Index: 108.0 Last Week: 96.75
Comment: 1B Damon Butler's 18 game hitting streak is the longest active in the majors

6. Seattle Dragonflys (4)
Power Index: 107.125 Last Week: 113.75
Comment: Tough week drawing both Syracuse and Tacoma. Lost series to the Syracuse, but took Tacoma. Still they slide down the index.

7. Huntington KYCATS01 (9)
Power Index: 105.75 Last Week: 91.0
Comment: Sp Jorge Tatis is flying under the radar, but is averaging 11.74 So every 9 innings.

8. Las Vegas Aces (5)
Power Index: 104.125 Last Week: 107.25
Comment: C Ron Byrnes has caught only 10% of potential base stealers.

9. Tampa Bay Red Tide (8)
Power Index: 101.125 Last Week: 94.0
Comment: 1B Tom Workman has been beaned 13 times this season. Leading the league in a painful category

10. Charleston Pee Wees (11)
Power Index: 87.625 Last Week: 79.25
Comment: 3B Marv Anderson has stuck out 88 times 11 more than the number of hits he has gotten.

11. New York Amazins (12)
Power Index: 78.5 Last Week: 73.25

Comment: although at 33, Stephen Franco ain't the man he use to be his Stiff Groin injury will still hurt this teams climb up the Index.

12. Richmond River Pirates(10)
Power Index: 62.375 Last Week: 81.5

Comment: 2-8 in their last ten against allmost every team with a losing record. Not so good for Richmond.

13. Houston Effin Yam Bags (13)
Power Index: 60.375 Last Week: 69.75

Comment: CF Damian Gardner in 50 games in CF has yet to make a mistake and even has 2 "+" plays

14. Los Angeles Dodgers (14)
Power Index: 53.0 Last Week: 59.5

Comment: 2-8 in their last 10 games, it has been nearly 2 weeks since they won a series.

15. Santa Cruz Jacks (15)
Power Index: 50.25 Last Week: 53.75
Comments: took series from both syracuse and Salem in the last 2 weeks, but little good new else where.

16. Rochester Fuzzy Dishes (16)
Power Index: 16.25 Last Week: 24.75
Comment: SP Einar Johnson has 76 walks compared to 46 SO, sorta explains why he's 3-10

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